Greyhound training & behaviour consultations

Specialist advice to help ex-racing greyhounds adjust to life in a home

If you’ve just adopted a retired racing greyhound, our specialist ex-racing greyhound training consultations are just for you!

Adjusting to life post-racing and learning  to live in a new home must seem like landing on an alien planet to many ex-racing greyhounds.  The life of a racing greyhound is very different to that of a pet dog, as their life tends to revolve around the track and the routine of kennels.

With our specialist greyhound consultations, we can help you and your hound adjust to their new life as a family pet.  Susan has a special interest in greyhounds and has direct experience of working in racing kennels, working with a greyhound rehoming charity, training cat-friendly hounds to live with cats, undertaking 1-2-1 greyhound training consultations, running greyhound-only training classes and training her own greyhounds in fun doggy disciplines such as agility and nose work. Her dissertation also focused on the behaviour of ex-racing greyhounds, and investigated ‘Impulsivity in retired racing greyhounds (Canis familiaris): Is racing status a predictor of increased levels of impulsivity?’

Susan also works for Forever Hounds Trust (national charity, dedicated to rehoming sighthounds) as Post Homing Support Coordinator, providing training and behaviour advice to families who have adopted dogs from Forever Hounds.  She also revised and rewrote the training leaflets for the Retired Greyhound Trust, which you can read and download here.

Greyhound consultations

Every ex-racing greyhound is different and some adjust to life and new situations fairly quickly, whilst others may take more time and training.  With Susan’s guidance, we can help your hound adjust to their new life.

Our 1-2-1 greyhound consultations normally take place in the comfort of your own home and can cover:

  • ‘Reactivity’ to other dog breeds
  • How to avoid separation distress
  • How to live happily with other pets such as cats
  • How to manage and prevent counter surfing
  • How to build your hound’s confidence
  • How to gain and keep your hound’s attention and focus
  • How to deal with distractions (like other dogs, children etc) and your hound’s natural impulses (like chasing)
  • How to walk on a loose lead
  • Coming back when called (Recall)
  • Calm greetings – How to meet other people, children and dogs, without jumping up
  • How to encourage your hound to play and use toys for training
  • Food and toy manners
  • Staying in one place, when asked

Consultation costs

  • Initial consultation of 1-1½ hours – £60 (+ travel costs)
  • Subsequent sessions of 1 hour – £50 (+ travel costs)

Depending on your hound’s needs you will receive a range of hand-outs and a tailored training plan.

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