FREE Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is an exciting time of year for humans and hounds. However, the reality of Christmas can, sometimes, be somewhat different – particularly for our dogs. Lots of the things we take for granted can be overwhelming for some dogs, and many Christmas traditions could contribute to a poorly pooch and emergency vet visits.

So, we’ve prepared a FREE Christmas Survival Guide, to help keep humans happy and canines content over the festive period.

Greyhounds & Sighthounds - Specialist Expertise


If you live with an ex-racing greyhound or a sighthound, you may have noticed that your dog has some particular traits or quirks that can leave some trainers baffled. But don’t fear, help is at hand!

Happy Hounds is owned and run by Susan McKeon, who is widely recognised as an expert in greyhound/sighthound behaviour.  Susan works for a national sighthound charity and has worked with sighthound clients across the UK. She has also spoken at national and international conferences about greyhound behaviour and training post-racing.



Looking for Training Advice?



There’s lots of dog training advice on the Internet; some of it good and some of it not so good. But how do you know what is good advice and what isn’t?

At Happy Hounds our mission is to help you to have a great family dog and to enjoy life with your canine companion. With this in mind, we have a range of FREE resources providing practical, & ethical, training and behaviour advice which cover many common training questions.




Home from Home Boarding



At Happy Hounds we’re dedicated to providing your dog with the best care, while you’re away. With our dog boarding service, we provide a real home from home environment, and our aim is to make sure that your dog feels right at home when staying with us.

Your dog will be treated as part of our family, and will enjoy the benefits of living in a lovely Lincolnshire village, with access to fabulous walks and open space.



Our Services

Home Boarding

We provide a real ‘home from home’ environment for your dog with our home boarding service.  We are fully licensed and insured and aim to provide your dog with the best care while you are away.

Specialist Expertise with Ex-Racing Greyhounds

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with and training ex-racing greyhounds, and travel across the UK helping greyhounds to adjust to their life post-racing.

Greyhound Behaviour

Contact us for expert behaviour help and training advice for ex-racing greyhounds.


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Home Boarding

We’re dedicated to providing your dog with the best care while you’re away.


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Training Advice

Check out our FREE, downloadable resources which cover common training & behaviour questions.


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Happy ‘tails’ from our clients…

You had our Akita, Mika, in your puppy group in March this year.

Thanks to you Mika has grown into a well rounded 1 year old who socialises so well with other dogs.

I just wanted to say thank you and send you a ‘pupdate’ on her.

Marie Hine

Happy Puppy Classes

We are very happy with the classes and Spencer is doing really well. I used the Leave it!’ last night (when he went to eat something he shouldn’t )and he did leave it – he preferred the cooked sausage!

It’s nice to have a dog trainer who isn’t rough with the dogs.

Sarah & Spencer

Happy Dog Classes

Thank you so much Susan for all your help and advice on training Gracie.

We both enjoyed the one to one training sessions and Gracie is a happier dog.

Walks are now a pleasure.

Margaret & Gracie

Greyhound Consultation