Puppy Training Classes

Puppy School classesWhat is Puppy School?

We run puppy classes in Grimsby, as part of the UK-wide Puppy School network.  Classes take place on Tuesday evenings at 6.15pm.  You can check the latest availability of classes here.

Puppy School is run as a 6-week course, with an hour's lesson each week. Classes are suitable for puppies aged from 8 weeks to 20 weeks (5 months old) and who have had their full set of vaccinations, by the start of the course.

Our Grimsby puppy training classes are small, fun and family-friendly. We only use kind, effective and reward-based training methods, and have a maximum of 6 puppies per class.

What do classes cover?

Our Puppy School classes help you and your puppy learn basic training skills, such as loose lead walking and recall, and also help prepare your puppy for everyday life and the experiences they will encounter. The classes also provide important puppy socialisation opportunities.

We also help you understand dog behaviour, understand the common causes of unwanted behaviour and, more importantly, how to address the cause (not just the symptom). You will learn to recognise the signs of fear and anxiety, and understand why consistency in training is so important.

What you will learn:

  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Coming back when calledPuppy School classes
  • How to prevent & manage play biting
  • Polite greetings - without jumping up
  • The positions (sit, down, stand)
  • 'Off' / 'leave' (leave objects you don’t want your puppy to have)
  • Toy play & how to use it to your advantage
  • How to stay in one place
  • How to settle and be calm
  • How to be sociable with other people, children and dogs
  • How to accept handling (including vet and groomer)
  • How to allow handling of food, chews and toy items

Make a booking:

Due to our small class sizes, our puppy training courses fill up rather quickly. The only way to guarantee your place is by booking online and using the Paypal option on the right.  You can also check latest class availability here.


The cost of a 6-week course is £72 (+ £2.85 if paying by PayPal) and includes:

Puppy School Manual front cover

  • The Puppy School Manual, containing details of all the exercises practised in class
  • £15* off Natures Menu products, including free home delivery (*First order online, minimum £30 order)
  • A sample of Natures Menu treats
  • A range of additional handouts after each class
  • Graduation certificate and rosette (at end of course)
  • James Wellbeloved goody bag (at end of course)